Bacteria is the name of this cartoon. This is a very unique bacteria. The body and the face of the cartoon is made of a bacteria germ. He has a weird, big smile and checked  eyes. Bacteria slobbers all the time and that's his way of leaving his mark. A path of bacteria germs ... A path of cheerful bacteria. Bacteria his goal is making people smile and to bring joy, with his path of germs. Luckily bacterias are made to be spread  around. :)


Blocky is finished. You can tell by his spinning eyes. He is slowly turning into a zombi and looks like the finish with his blocks.  Blocky is done with the race of being a good cartoon. He is sorting things out and is happy with himself; he arrived at the finish. He can be himself without comparing himself with the mass who is following the race. 

Infinity Owl

 The word 'Infinity' was formed from the Latin word 'Infinitas' and stands for border lessness. For most people an owl stands for great wisdom, this owl sure represents that with his crossed eyes. This 'Infinity Owl' is wearing an infinite mask.

Owls are oftenly seen as a negative symbol in various beliefs. The word 'Death' in hieroglyph language contains the sign of an owl.

For me, an owl is a symbol of the moon, the night and the magic of life.

Bacteria His Brother

Bacteria his brother is family of the 'Bacteria' cartoon, this bacteria is the cartoon of the bacteria that lives on your phone screen. 

On his tummy, you can see the 'Empy' logo, this logo stands for the energy of the sun and the earth. The tail of this cartoon is a bacterial strain.

The bacteria is wearing a necklace, has an open smile en has black and white checkered eyes.

This cartoon looks weird, cheerful and innocent, but can cause a rash and food-poisoning.


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